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thanks to all you amazing people for all the feedback on 'trapped within myself' you kids are amazing!!!! Hopefully i can maybe come up with something as awesome as this in the near future... hmmm thanks again!!!

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  • Eating: breakfast!
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hey kiddies! i haven't uploaded anything for yonks!! so lets go crazy! i have some cooler stuff these days as i do photography now too as you might have learnt from my big sis 'neesan!!!', she is quite the gem :) anywho hope you enjoy the new stuff!! :D
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  • Reading: The Hunt by Andrew Fukoda
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i think this is my first entry, that is weird. i dont think i was feeling like journalling last year :/ well theres no time like the present they say :)
a new year a new view. i have no idea what to write about, or if anyone will actually even read this.
well i just have to say i love to draw.
my sister taught me to draw, now she reckons i'm better than her, but i object because her artworks are different. i say in artworks i think there might not be such thin as good or bad just different, everyone's style is different. so if anyone tells you that your piece is bad, you can say, no its just different to yours and you cant improve unless you start anywhere.
i try to keep some of my old drawings even if i think they look horrible, because it shows where you came from and how far you've come.
well i think i have said enough
i have other stuff to do :)
vampire ninja signing out!
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  • Watching: this computer screen
  • Playing: with photos on programs
  • Eating: crossant
  • Drinking: banana smoothie